The Ninth International Social Science Summer School in Ukraine welcomes proposals from many disciplines in the social sciences and adjacent fields, such as history, sociology, anthropology, political science, international relations or cultural studies. Our regional focus is the former Soviet Union, Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. While the primary concentration will be on the 20th and 21st centuries, 19th century proposals are welcome.

Topics of investigation could include:

– Analytical language: legacy, heritage, memory and how scholars use them

–Dynamics of legacy construction: which ideas, people, or practices continue and which change?

–Reality vs. Memory—what do we remember and what do we forget

– Construction of heritage, heritage projects, and stakeholders

–Memorialization between state policy and civic action

–Memorial places / Places of memory

–Built environment: architecture, design, style, construction

–Objects: everyday, museum, stolen, hidden, transformed

–Politics—political practices, assumptions

–Gender—attitudes, ideas, norms, possibilities

–destruction / construction


–rules, policies, laws, customs

–elites, non-elites, new actors

Format: Workshop and Fieldwork

Location: Zaporizhzhia/Zaporozhye Запоріжжя Запорожье (Ukraine)

Duration: One week, June 24-June 30. Departure from Kyiv on June 24. Workshop meets all day June 25-29; return to Kyiv June 30.

Participants must attend the school for the entire week.

Eligibility: The Summer School is open to PhD students (or students enrolled in a kandidat nauk program) and young researchers (up to six years removed from their PhD or kandidat nauk degree). Proposals strong on theory and empirical research are particularly welcome. The working language of the Summer School is English. Participants must be comfortable working in English.

Program Costs: There is no program fee. The organizers will cover accommodation, meals, workshops and all excursions. The participants (or their institutions) must pay travel expenses from their home country to Kyiv; the transfer from Kyiv to Zaporizhia will be covered.

Applications: To be considered for the Summer School, candidates must complete an application form (including a 500 word research project presentation) and send a CV. They may also send an additional written sample, such as a conference paper, a dissertation chapter, or a publication (optional).

Step 1 : Complete the application form online. We advise you to prepare the research project presentation in advance and to copy/paste it.

Step 2 : Send your CV and additional documents to Please don’t forget to clearly mention your name in the subject line of the message.

Deadline for application is 15 April 2018.

The application will be reviewed by an evaluation committee and you will be notified of the results by email.

Contact Info: Dr. Mayhill C. Fowler; Assistant Professor, Department of History; Stetson University; 421 N. Woodland Blvd., Unit 8344; DeLand, FL 32724 USA

Contact Email:



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